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Testimonials from clients and family about Heart Strings:

                "When a family member asked us to send what we had of our mother's and grandmother's jewelry to create new designs, I couldn't imagine anything of any use that could come from it. Wow was I surprised! Your work is wonderful, inspirational and meaningful. I know that he originally wanted a unique piece of jewelry for his daughter's 50th birthday, I was blown away by his thoughtfulness, and that's when he told me about you. When he asked you to create four more pieces for me and my girls, it was beyond belief. And how beautiful they all are! I love your other work, too. It truly shows that you love what you're doing. Keep it up!" - W. Davis



Jewelry from the Heart Strings collection is priced based on labor and the cost of additional component

Minimum $50.00


For more information, send email to info@uneekbeedz.com 

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© 2019 by Jody R. Mitchell - All Rights Reserved

     "Jody took forgotten baubles and transformed them into lifetime treasures!  Her pieces are newly-created memories, strung with love.” - S. Davis

Repurposed pearls from a cherished family collection....
Repurposed earrings from the same collection....